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Rodi Garganico rises between the inhabitated centres of Ischitella and San Menaio, on the northern side of the promontory. Enclosed by the green of its surrounding trees, Rodi Garganico opens on to the clear and blue waters of the sea. Rodi Garganico is built on a high ground at 46 m above sea level, and it enjoys a sweet air made of a mixture of fragrances from the oranges and pines abounding behind the inhabitated centre, and from the sea breeze that shoves the sea-waves on the sandy and sunny beach. The inhabitants called "Rodiani" their main activities are: fishing, trades, and in part industry and commerce of local fruit which is, for the largest part, citrus, here abouding in excellent quality. Among the many important buildings in Rodi Garganico, worth mentioning are: the Church of Santa Maria della Libera with its Byzantine dome.

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