Trabucchi del Gargano

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Trabucchi, truly gigantic wooden structures, represent the ancient Gargano sea-faring tradition and are fruit of the cleverness of the fishermen of one time. This ancient working implement still functions today, and is characterised by a system of stakes driven into the rock and ropes supporting a large fishnet which is lowered into the water. Trabucchi are witness to the men's toil towards guaranteeing conditions of safe fishing which are capable of withstanding the adverse weather conditions at sea. Every year, in the month of June, a day is organised for the celebration of trabucchi, during which visitors, as well as being able to watch fishing demonstrations, may also taste the delicious seafood cuisine, thanks to the numerous places of refreshment set up in the area. The Park of the Gargano has financed a project of recuperation and valorisation which will enable the trabucchi to work again fully as before, or, where this is not possible, will transform them into monuments dedicated to the activities of the men of long ago, an irresistible attraction for a certain quality of tourism.

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