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It was particularly known for its alabaster of a delightful 4nowwhite" colour and brightness. Among the towns mentioned for their marble caves are: S. Marco in Lamis, and Apricena, the town where Federico II loved to spend his relaxing times. The calcareous nature of the Gargano's highland, dating back to the Cretaceous period or even to most ancient ages, has offered, in the past, a precious supply of lithographic stones. On the whole this highland is 40 km. in width and it stretches in lenght for 65 km. till the furthest tip called "Testa del Gargano" (Gargano's head). Its coast is very picturesque with succeeding radiant inlets, small bays, caves and numerous short stretches of beach which represent the delight of the bathers looking for quiet and uncrowded sites. The travellers and the visitors are attracted by the many small towns spreaded between the coast and the entire territory, in a natural and uncomparable landscape with luxuriant woods and orchards.

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