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Located on a rise from which it is possible to admire the most splendid panorama (over to the Tremiti Islands, past the Lake of Varano), Ischitella was birthplace to Pietro Giannone, a famous historian and jurist who lived between the 15th and the 16th centuries, author, amongst other things, of the "Istoria Civile del Regno di Napoli". The first recorded news concerning Ischitella dates back to 1058; in every probability, for a certain period, a Swabian fortress, this town of the Gargano was enclosed by a circle of walls, of which now only a part remain still standing.
Within the historical centre, there is the castle, dating back to the Seventeenth century, and the Romanesque Church of Saint Eustachius. The old part of the town, called Terra, arouses interest for its built-up area of high-rising houses which overlook the narrow and winding little streets. The modern part is more linear and is called Ponte.

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