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The town and its territory are rich of archeological remains of ancient civilizations; along the coastal line some defense towers and several grottos pop up. The baroque altars inside the parish church have a great value. Its origins date back to really ancient ages witnessed by monuments and archeological remains spread all over the territory.
The prehistoric civilization is represented by two Dolmens, the Messapic, Greek, Latin and Medioeval periods follow, as the archeological finding again and the remains of ancient buildings demonstrate. The adriatic coastal line that belongs to Melendugno, comprehends the hamlets of San Foca, Torre dell'Orso, Sant'Andrea and Roca Vecchia where you can see the fortifications and the messapic age built-up area. Traversing this coastal zone the towers of Specchia Ruggeri, San Foca, Roca , Torre dell' Orso and Sant' Andrea emerge.
These buildings, which were used as defense and watch towers, were built in the second half of the XVI century when turkish invasions menaced all Salento. The town economy is based on agriculture, fishing and mostly on tourism. Saint Niceta is the protector and patron of the town, whose Day is the 15th of September.

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