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Ugento, with its small harbour, is situated in the province of Lecce in the Gulf of Taranto. Ugento was at one time an ancient Messapian, and then Roman, town. A visit to its interesting Museum of Archaeology provides one with an idea of the different graves which have been recovered, containing such remains as ancient burial clothing, coins, and Roman and Messapian inscriptions. Of further interest in the town is the main Cathedral. With its Neo-classic faade, it was actually reconstructed in the first half of the century on the ruins of an ancient church previously destroyed by the Turks.
The town centre, marked by its austere and imposing castle, is located up on a rocky hill at an altitude of 108 meters. From here one may admire along the coast the Marina of San Giovanni, dominated on its low coastline by the lighthouse. The Marina of Ugento, a small fishing town 20 Km south of Gallipoli, has become a popular seaside resort which, thanks to its beautiful beaches, today attracts a growing number of tourists. The surrounding environment is really quite unique: the sky is of a marvellous blue colour, the sun's rays shine on the sea releasing an array of splendid colours. Here, the air is always clear and the countryside is filled with the aroma of vineyards and olive groves. Tourist facilities are plenteous and of high quality - making Ugento a visitor's paradise for both sun and entertainment.
Various attractions include horseback riding, night-clubs, shows, as well as both night-time and daytime bars and restaurants. Ugento's pinewood, known as "Roccacapozza", deserves a particular mention, as it dates back almost three centuries and is now naturalised. The local fauna of coastal basins, pinewood, brush and sand dunes off Ugento's shore all constitute an ecological system which merit note.

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