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Situated between Otranto, Giurdignano, Minervino, Poggiardo and S. Cesarea, only 3 km away from Porto Badisco, Uggiano La Chiesa is situated on a hill m 78 high from the level of the sea. This town existed since the Bronze Age and this is witnessed by the presence of the menhir San Giovanni Malcantone. During the greek colonization in the Salento Uggiano seemed to be the Castle of Otranto.
In 1219 the ancient Vigilarium Ecclesiae as it was called the small village of Uggiano, place of guards and of sentry it was given by Federico II of Svevia to the bishop of Otranto who owned it until the abolition of feudality in 1806, so it was added the name of "Chiesa" and the sign of the Host. The work that more than the others signed the faith and the christian cult of people living in Uggiano was the one of the main Church, built in the XVIII century.

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