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The actual lay-out of nearly all Salento's castles dates back to the Renaissance period (15th and 16th century), even if is often the case that earlier structures have been built into various complexes, as for example in the case of the castles in Copertino, Gallipoli, Otranto, Acquarica del Capo, Presicce, Morciano di Leuca and Roca Vecchia. A mention apart for the castle in Corigliano d'Otranto, a superb synthesis of military practicality and artistic beauty. It is the most decoratively rich in the region and among the most visited and admired castles in the South of Italy. Extending for more than 150 kilometres between the two seas which have modelled its morphology and history, the Salento has an enchanting and evocative coastline. Otranto is one of the most exciting sea resorts in the district. Its history of martyrdom to the wrath of the Saracens - who left a desert of tears and blood in their wake, and pearls of their civil, military and religious architecture suspended in a Levant atmosphere - is enough to make this an elite tourist resort throughout the year.
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