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Arzachena is situated in the north-east part of Sardinia, the geographic area known by the name of Gallura. This territory overlooks the Tyrrheanian Sea which links the waters of the Costa Smeralda (in the municipality of Arzachena) with those of the archipelago of La Maddalena. The territory of the municipality of Arzachena, with as much as eighty kilometres of wonderful coastline, includes the famous Costa Smeralda, enriched by the vegetation of Mediterranean maquis, rocks sculpted by nature, splendid beaches with a pure, transparent sea, headlands and little islands. The beauty of the beaches inserted among smooth rocks is a frame to a sea in continuous movement for the winds, that make it change its colour, from emerald to dark blue.
The inland of Arzachena preserves a rich archaeological patrimony that includes prenuraghic and nuraghic monuments. The former are very interesting and date back to the Neolithic period (VI - V millennium BC) and include: the rock refuge of "Monti Incappiddatu" and the Necropolis of "Li Muri"; the latter include: the Giants' tombs of "Li Lolghi" and "Coddu Vecchju", built between the Early and the Middle Bronze Age, the Nuraghe "Albucciu" and "La Prisciona", and the Temple of "Malchittu", built in the Middle Bronze Age.
The town is positioned on a hillside and is overlooked, to the east, by an enormous granite rock in the shape of a mushroom, which is named in the Gallura dialect. To the north, on another hillside, we can find the church dedicated to Santa Lucia which overlooks the whole of the centre of the town and in other directions, it is surrounded by hills of granite covered by Mediterranean maquis vegetation and by woods of wild olive trees.
Arzachena is easily reached from Olbia and is directly connected with the port of Genoa.
The Gastronomy - The typical dishes of Gallura are very genuine. Lamb, goatling, sucking pig, fish, cheese, sweets, wines like Vermentino and Muscatel, are fundamental products. One of the most typical first courses is the suppa cuata, lamb and sucking pig are typical secnd courses, and most of the sweets are made of honey and almonds.
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