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Situated on the northern coast of Sardinia, it includes the Olbia, Lori, San Paolo and San Teodoro villages and there are two rocky islands Molara and the Molarotto reef. The falaise on the Southeast side of Tavolara reaches 100 m in height. The whole area is characterised by a strong hydro dynamism and the only seaweed present is Halimeda tuna. The entire area is representative for the Sardinian coasts and the crystal-clear waters are a true paradise for divers. The borders of the Park are signed by Capo Ceraso and Punta Isuledda, between which we have a landscape made of solitary caves, coloured reef, and high cliffs.
The island is the smallest kingdom of the world, reachable with boats that leave from Porto S.Paolo (about twenty minutes). It is four kilometres long standing on a granite base of rectangular shape; on the corner are Punta Timone, Punta del Papa, Punta la Mandria and Coda di Terra. The eastern part is a military area, while to the West is Spalmatore di Terra where are beaches, the small harbour, some houses and restaurants. The island, joining Molara isle, is included in the Tavolara-Punta Coda Cavallo Protected Marine Area (1997) that goes from Capo Ceraso to Punta Isuledda.

The beautiful Molara Island, a geological and environmental continuation of the coast of Coda cavallo, is made of small grain pink granite mixed with grey-rose granite from the Plutone Granitico of Gallura, which emerged during the orogenesis in the late Palaeozoic era.

Molarotto is a small island situated at 5 miles from Tavolara. Its has about 20.000 square meters and the highest point reaches 54 m. Giant granite blocks are populated by water birds form the coast reef.

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