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In the village, which is also equipped with high quality services, there is the greatest concentration of 4 and 3 star hotels in the area. The most popular sport in the area is windsurfing, thanks also to a favourable combination of currents and winds which allow en-thusiasts to practise it in the most suitable conditions. This sport is practised all along the coast and there are a great many schools where beginners can soon learn the necessary skills. Cannigione lies on the western shore of the broad bay that forms the Gulf of Arzachena. Tourist development has transformed this old fishing village, which was also the point of departure for boats to the island of La Maddalena, into a functional, modern holiday resort. The Gulf of Arzachena, which reaches so deeply into the mainland as to seem a fjord, ends in a lagoon that is highly interesting from the point of view of nature. By the shore at Cannigione there are various hotels and residences, the only two camping sites in the Arzachena territory and numerous villas which gave rise to the residential settlement of La Conia. A panoramic road runs along the coast as far as the Golfo delle Saline, allowing easy access to the many fine beaches. There are numerous remains of nuraghe civilization in the territory of Arzachena. Excavations carried out between the 50s and 60s brought to light important findings of vases in the vicinity of the "Monti Incappiddatu", a huge rock just at the out-skirts of the town, moulded by time and the elements into the shape of a gigantic mushroom. Archaeologists date these findings back to the so-called culture of the "tomb circles" of Arzachena. There are a number of nuraghi in the area, the most easily accessible of which and fairly well preserved are those known as "La Priscioria" and "Albucciu" (or Malchittu), both dating back to between the tenth and the eighth century B.C.

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