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The typical dishes of Gallura cuisine are the simple but tasty meals of the old peasant farmer, who ate to ensure day-to-day survival and to store up energy for work, not certainly for the joy of his palate. Frugality, simplicity and economy were therefore the main ingredients of Gallura cooking, these concepts referring of course to a social and economic context that has been part of the past for several decades now. "Zuppa Cuata", with its poor ingredients, was cooked on festive occasions, especially for wedding banquets. The place of honour among pasta dishes is shared by "Li Pulilgioni" (ravioli filled with ricotta and cheese), "Li Fiuritti" (handmade tagliatelle) and "Li Chiusoni", gnocchi with a characteristic hollowed shape. The main second courses are fish, lamb, kid and suckling pig, simply grilled and flavoured with wild herbs. Among the many tasty sweets we must mention Li Papassini, Li Casgiatini (filled with ricotta and cheese) and Li Acciuleddi, fried and served in honey. The local wines are excellent, such as the sweet moscato and the renowned vermentino which is a special product of the vineyards of Gallura.

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