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For years in Villaperuccio precincts some archaeological excavations have brought back to light, in Montessu locality, one of the biggest rocky necropolis, known as "domus de janas", dated back to the prehistoric period of Sardinia. The necropolis is vast more than one Kilometre on the southern amphitheatres, in the typical "trachitica" plain, as the Montessu one is. On the vast plain, between the current built-up area of Villaperuccio and the hamlet of Terrazzu, in the archaeological area of "S'Arriorgiu", there are also extraordinary menhirs, high up to five metres. This settlement goes back to the third millennium before Christ. Montessu is an evocative whole of about forty artificial little caves placed like an amphitheatre, expanded from recent Neolithic until the copper age. Certain graves adapt to megalithic structures and some "ipogei" stand out for elegant architectural perfections and for sculpted decorations (heads bull-like, symbols of the Mother Goddess, festoons, geometrical linear designes etc.). During the last few years Villaperuccio has realised a public park of archaeological interest equipped with some infrastuctures: that is to say an entry road to the necropolis, a pedestrian crossing to make the visit easier, a parking area, a refreshment bar, bathrooms. Local governement has also realised a permanent photographic exhibition concerning various archaeological emergencies of Villaperuccio precincts, which you can enjoy of during the visit of the necropolis.

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