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Oristano is situated in the Campidano Oristanese plains, a vast area in the centre of Sardinia along the West coast. The town and province are practically uncontaminated therefore maintaining rich natural resources which, today, offer the main economical development of the region. In fact the survival of the inhabitants of this area has always been assured by its protected coasts which offered shelter and abundant fishing, fertile hinterland offered gogd pastures and agriculture, its fine woods supplied not only timber but inaccessible points of defense and the Basaltic and Trachytic rocks formed natural shelters. The presence of wild foul and natural fresh water reserves favoured human settlements. The Sinis desert, Campidano plains rich swamp land, the mountain ranges of Arci, Grighini and Monti Ferru and the Tirso valley have all modelled the way of life of its inhabitants through the centuries. All this is present in the Oristano province and its cultural heritage offers remarkable testimony. The prevailing wind on this coast is the "Mistral" which for the Oristanese is a further blessing in that when it blows it pushes the "Tirso" (Sardinia's main river) back and so deposits the precious humus for the cultivations and also creates rich lagoons causing the creation of rich lagoons. For this reason the Tirso is also referred to as the "Nilo Sardo" (Sardian Nile). The surronding mountains were active vulcanos and the lava has designed the Northern coast.

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