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In one of the most spectacular stretches of the north-east coast of the Sardinia, you can find Palau. Today, the town is an autonomous municipality and has earned itself extraordinary success in the panorama of international tourism. Palau, with its coastline artistically moulded by nature, is one of the places most adapt for carrying out sailing and windsurfing activities. Towards the end of the last century, the area began to be populated by fishermen and farmers who were successful in using its fortunate geographical location for bettering their social-economic condition. In fact, Palau is equidistant from the archipelago of the Maddalena and from the Costa Smeralda. Today, Palau not only has a fully equipped tourist port but it is also a port of call for the lines of the main shipping Companies which guarantee connections with the continent.
As well as being a renowned seaside locality, it is also an area which is full of beautiful natural sites and evidence of its ancient past.

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