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Quartu Sant'Elena, the third largest town in Sardinia, is a naturalistic, historical and cultural heritage; traditions, gastronomy, typical products and "sagre" (local festivals). The territory can be classified into three zones: the first is made up of the residential area, the second by the area along the coast and the third by the mountain. The coastal area consists of seaside localities which extend for a good 26 km, from the Poetto beach to the locality of Geremeas.
These localities are well known because they represent popular destinations for tourists who, nowadays, arrive from the whole world over, having the possibility of staying in the excellent accommodation structures available here.
The third area is the mountainous part which stretches towards the north east and is incorporated in the territory of the Sette Fratelli Park. Quartu Sant'Elena has always been tied to an agricultural-pastoral culture; of prime importance is the rearing of sheep, the production of sheep's milk pecorino cheese, the cultivation of citrus fruits such as lemons, clementines, oranges and mandarins. Of great importance is also the cultivation of vines and the consequent production of prized wines. One of the Quartu's most deeply rooted traditions is the production of bread. Amongst the many, we note the cakes prepared with almonds (amarettus, pastissus, candelaus, su gattou), or those prepared with the typical sapa (derived from cooked grape juice) (su pani and sapa).
Quartu Sant'Elena is made even more charming by the large choice of accommodation facilities on offer.

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