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It is found in the shelter of the hills of Sarrabus, in a flood tract at the mouth of the Flumendosa. The surrounding countryside is rich in natural attractions: mountains, holm oaks and junipers, corbezzoli and filiree, in the middle of which live partridges, hares and wild pigs; whereas the area of the marshes and swamps and at the mouths of the water courses are rich in rushes, mats, tamarici, cane and willows, folaghe, germani reali, herons and other valuable examples. The two mines of "Gibbas" and "S'Acqua Arrubia", abundant at the beginning of the century, were rich in silver and silver nickel. Of geological interest there is also "IS Angurtidorgius" the carsica grotto the largest on Sardinia. Testifying to the human sediment already in the III millenium B.C. is the domus de janas, but more numerous are the remains of the nuragica age. The Phoeniceoans founded, near the estuary of Flumendosa, a river port from 600 B.C., Sarcapos, singled out by the height of Santa Maria. In the territory of Villaputzu there is testimony also of the ages of the Vandals and Byzantine, thanks to the discovery of ceramic from the VI-VII centuries A.D. In the Middle Ages, with the name "Villa Pupus", it was part of the curatory of Sarrabus, in Giudicato of Cagliari. Following the fall of the Giudicato of Cagliari, the territory wa expropriated by the Gallura and Giovanni Visconti also took possession of the Castle of Quirra. The Castle was in the middle of the events and central to the fight between the Aragons and the Giudicato of Arborea, and is interwoven the story of Villaputzu. In 1323, the territory and the Castle going back to the XII century, was given in feud to Berengario Carroz. For its coastal position it suffered diverse raids by the Moors, of which was defended thanks to the Tower of Porto Corallo, constructed by the Spanish in the XVI century, and the Fortress of Gibas. At the foot of the Castle of Quirra, of which remain few ruins, it is possible to admire the small Roman church of San Nicola of Quirra. Around the town dominates the parrochial church of San Giorgio, in gothic-catalanian style.
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