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Soon, as the road winds close to the sea, we come upon a glorious view:the promontory of Cape Carbonara lies in the distance as well as the Island dei Cavoli, and the Is Piscadeddus reef. Villasimius is now close at hand. Colours become more intense: from the dazzling white of the sandy beaches to the grey and pink of granite rocks, from the deep green of the Mediterrean bush vegetation to the cobalt blue and emerald green hues of the sea.
We can smell in the air the intense perfume of myrtle, lentisk and broom; it is the scent of the Sardinian land, which visitors already feel as they approach the coast on the ferry boats.
A never ending summer season. Villasimius welcomes the visitor with its wild beauty, with its ancient heritage, which makes it so different from mainland Italy.

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