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It is an arid land, which however still presenvs ancient forests of oaks , cork-trees and holm-oaks.
The island is sorrounded by ancontaminated waters, rich in vegetation and sea life, which it is nowadays difficult to find in other areas of the Maditerrean. In the forest which fall within the territory of Villasimius we find varied wildlife, which will soon be further protected thanks to the institution of mountain and sea reserves.
These forests are the home of the sardinian deer, the eagle, the fox and the rat-snake. All these species are protected: some are under the threat of extinction, while others are present in large numbers, and may be sighted as we walk along the paths and tracks leading into the heart of the woods. And of course, there is the sea and its inhabitants.
This land is to be experienced in its entirety; once visited it will be difficult to forget it; it fills the heart and the mind with strong, primeval ancestral feelings, that "male di sardegna" (Nostalgia for Sardinia) which will tempt us to return here.