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Lotzorai is a small town which is situated at the centre of the East coast of Sardinia, half way between Cagliari and Olbia, inhabited since the Copper Age. The town is positioned in the middle of two rivers, the Pramaera and the Rio Girasole, which play a part in making the land fertile and thus giving the population, as always, one of their main sources of survival. Over the last decades, however, Lotzorai is aiming to become part of the world of tourism. Lotzorai is certainly a place which has not yet made use of all the potential offered by its surroundings.
This potential is that of being on a stretch of coastline which, on an international level, is amongst the most unspoilt and the most impressive around; it is enough to consider the nearby coves, Cala Sisine, Cala Luna, Cala Marioulu in the comune (municipality) of Baunei and the caves of the Bue Marino (Sea Ox) in the comune of Dorgali. The town is on the sea, but an element which should not be overlooked is that of having at ones shoulders the Gennargentu, a future National Park. In a few score kilometres, it is possible to pass from a seaside environment to the most impracticable and impassable mountains, still inhabited by certain species of animals which are extinct elsewhere.

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