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Nuoro is the capital city of the province which occupies the central part of Sardinia, from the eastern to the western coast. It dates back to the era of the Roman conquest, and its mostly hilly and mountainous territory, is one of the best preserved, its natural environment, being full of forests, Mediterranean maquis vegetation, harsh, wild countryside and uncrowded coasts. Nuoro, commonly considered the capital of the Barbagia, more precisely gravitates in an area called il nuorese. The other, sub-regions of the province are: to the East, le Baronie di Siniscola, Orosei and the Ogliastra; le Barbagie di Ollolai, Bev, Seulo and the Sarcidano to the South, the Marghine and the Planargia to the West and, lastly, a strip of Gallura to the North. The climate is mild, moderately cold in the winter and hot in the middle of the summer, although days with milder temperatures are not unknown in both of the seasons. One element to be highlighted is the instability of the climate, which is, in fact, a peculiarity of the whole of the island which is subject to changes due to the unexpected invasion of cold air and the consequent fall in the temperature. More than half of the territory of the Comune (Municipality) of Nuoro is taken up by pastureland, about a quarter by forests and the rest by land for sowing and forestation.
Nuoro will welcome you as it always has done with its hospitality and traditions, offering a variety types.

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