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Badesi is situated on a hill from which it is possible to see a wonderful landscape, from the Gulf of the Asinara until the Corsica. The origins of Badesi go back to XVIII the century when it was part of feud of the Gallura. The city is encircled from four borgate that they are: Montiggiu, La Tozza, Muntiggioni and Azzagulta.
Badesi's econnomy regards the agricultural and the bathing tourism that during the last few years it has been developed very much.
There aren't many historical-artistic monuments in Badesi because its origins are recent but there are natural beauties that more do not fear comparison like the spiagge of sand long than the eight kilomentri and Natural Risevva of the foce of most particular the Coghinas River that accommodates species it is animals that vegetables.

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