The Hotel Villa Canu is situated at Cabras, a typical small fishing town along shores of the lagoon which bears the same name, and close to the Sinis Peninsula and the gulf of Oristano. This delightful place with its quartz sandy beaches (Is Aruttas and Mary Ermi), its lagoons with pink flamingos, the ruin of Tharros (an ancient city built by the Phoenicians) and Turr'e Seu heald land (one of Italy's WWF oases), its nuraghes and its typical local dishes (bottarga and merca) are Sardinia's treasure-chest of values and passions.
The charming three stars Villa Canu Hotel, which is in fact an old, typical Campidano style country house is situated in the historical center of Cabras and only 100 meters from the lagoon and 150 meters from the excellent restaurant Il Caminetto.