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Cabras borders the following municipalities: Nurachi, Oristano, Riola Sardo. It is home to several churches (parish church, in Baroque style, and church of the Holy Spirit, dating to 1601 with two Gothic aisles), and to the Phoenician archaeological site of Tharros.
The municipal territory include several beaches in the Sinis peninsula and on the Gulf of Oristano.
Cabras appeared in the 11th century, when the town of Tharros was abandoned due to raids from North African pirates. The first inhabitants settled near the castle, of which today scanty remains can be seen near the parish church.
Under the giudicato of Arborea it had a some importance as the court of the giudice (duke) was held in its castle. After the fall of the giudicato, it was ruled by several feudal lords. In the 19th century it was included in the province of Oristano, until in 1859 it was annexed to the province of Cagliari. Cabras returned under Oristano in 1974.

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