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At Fordongianus the spa waters, renowned from Roman times, flow from natural springs at a temperature of 56 C (133 F); the physico-chemical properties of the waters are: hyperthermal waters with a medium level of minerals, bicarbonate salts and fluorides. They are used in various applications, being an element which has various properties of well being, having beneficial results on the organism and particularly effective on the immune system.
Water to be "breathed", through specific treatments and inhalation techniques such as "humage", aerosol, spa water steam and nasal irrigation, all suitable for curing the principal respiratory pathologies; waters to immerse yourself in, in fact, the waters of Fordongianus are particularly adapt for spa water bathing, mud pack therapy, hydro-kinesitherapy and vaginal irrigations. The water, rich in natural elements, runs into the special pools, thus enriching the mud of the spa.