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Calangianus, one of the most extended town of Gallura, at 518 m a.s.l., situated over a plateau, it is part of the Natural Regional Park. The first human settlements date back to the Copper Era (2000 b.C.) with rests in the grottos of Monti Biancu and Li Conchi, and to the nauraghic period with the Giants Tombs of Pascaredda and li Paladini fountain, at the foot of Mount di Deu. Tracks of Roman network of roads nearby the Larai road-tender's house and in the Piras contrada. First written documents go back to the 1300. Its name derives from "galanga" which means root. The most interesting excursion takes to the Mt. Limbara, which dominates a great part of Gallura panorama; its major peak is Balestrieri point (1,362 metres).
Today Calangianus is one of the most important centre of cork handicraft, appreciated for the high quality, and its first industry was founded in 1851 by Mr Marco Corda. Interesting itineraries to the Monti Deu, a wide area which preserves nauraghic rests; you arrive taking the road for Tempio, turning on the left at the fork for Nuchis, after 600 metres on the left at another fork going straight on until the start of the path. During the walk, you can see Nuraghe Agnu and the little nauraghic spring of Li Paladini.

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