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Visit: The Aeolian Museum, the area and archaeological park of the Castle.

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 09.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs and 15.30 hrs to 18.00 hrs
Holidays 09.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs

Excursions: to the lighthouse (Geophisic Observatory of M. Guardia) to see the wonderful panorama of the island of Vulcano; to the Forgia Vecchia to observe an old crater from which an obsidian outflow departs; to Monte S. Angelo where one can admire an incomparable landscape; to Rocche Rosse to see the reddish obsidian outflow.
Tour of the island by car with stops at: Quattrocchi, Piano Conte, Terme S. Calogero, Quattropiani, Acquacalda and Porticello di Canneto, to the obsidian outf laws and to the pumice quarries.

Trips by boat: circumnavigation of the island to admire interesting beaches and caves.