Enjoy our invitation to sleep sweetly and serenely and relax in the comfort of our bedrooms. We don’t deal with cold receptions typical of hotels but welcome you informally in that calm, lazy way known only in the Mediterranean.as you explore our garden and our world, a world nesting among the ever-changing lanes and alleyways of Panarea, never arrogant or banal but simply the expression of personal style and taste.
Local, genuine products are the heart and soul of our cuisine. Our profound knowledge of the food and traditions of the area blends the two to create unique, innovative dishes. From our kitchen we look out across the whole world, giving new nuances to our specialities. Our restaurant with its slow food prepared at zero kilometres an hour, with hints of oriental spices as well as our award winning wine canteen with more than 1,000 wines, has become a reference point and a landmark for the most refined of connoisseurs. Oblivious to fashion and false luxury, our food reflects the easy-going, chic atmosphere of the island. Last but not least, we don’t have a menu……everything depends on the day’s catch.