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98050 - Panarea (ME)
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Position: Front sea

Hotel La Terrazza

Having dinner at the "Macellaio" (The Butcher's) is an experience that you have to try: it is the way to crown a perfect day that equals all the attractions of the island.

Antonio will put at your service all his skills and taste of his South American origins by suggesting all kinds of Argentinean meets, cooked right in front of your very eyes.

A wide choice of appetizers made with season's grilled vegetables will be the prelude to the very famous T-bone steaks, also called "fiorentina", and mixed grill with tenderloin steaks, chicken roulades and lamb.

Don't forget to taste the famous "mozzarella di bufala" cooked on ember.

complete international wine list is available. In the Pizzeria, which is a part of the restaurant itself, you may taste a great variety of pizzas while drinking national and international beers..