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The island of Panarea was inhabited since Neolithic Age. A fine testimony of the period of Diana style is found on Timpone del Corvo and Calcara (basestratum). In locality Piano Quartara traces of a settlement belonging to the beginning of the Bronze Age have been found. At the Point of Peppe Maria and at Calcara (stratum II) there are multiple traces of the Capo Graziano culture, that is from XVIII or XVII century to 1400 A.D. On the promontory of Capo Milazzese, to the South-East extremity, is developed a village of huts going back to the middle Bronze Age (1400-1270 B.C.). The archeological importance of Basiluzzo is considerable. Throughout the entire island one sees vestiges of roman buildings in "opus reticulatum" with traces of mosaic floors and coloured decorations of walls. These also include a large semiunderground room next to the slope of access. A short distance from the landing stage, during good conditions of visibility, one sees, on the sea bed, a large ruin, probably a dock of the Roman times, today submerged by bradyseismic phenomena. Also the enchanting group of rocks nearby and the islands of Lisca Bianca, Lisca Nera and Dattilo are worthy of visiting. These emerge imposingly with their characteristic pyramidal shape.