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To the extreme North of Panarea, in a valley called Calcara, the probable site of a volcanic building of prehistoric era, today one encounters fumarolic mani festations. In the rocks one notes excessive weathering. The ground is hot and lined by narrow fractures which run in all directions. Where they cross, the gas escapes in great quantities. A particular characteristic which lends a strange aspect to the area, is the multicoloured surface on the ground. In other parts of the island are to be seen traces of fumarolic action extinct from time immemorial. In the vicinity of the quay, situated in S.Pietro district, a hot spirng (50 C.) gushes out and which is used by the inhabitants for therapeutic treatment with excellent results.
Facing Panarea is the rock of Bottaro near which, in good weather, one sees a phenomenon caused by under water fumaroles. Numerous gas bubbles, released from the sea creating a gurgling sound, which constitutes the so called "boiler".