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Isole Eolie (Aeolian Islands)
World Heritage Site UNESCO

Stromboli - (Surface area: 12.6 Sq. Kms.)

From the abysses of the Tyrrhenian Sea rises, in a symphony of colour, the mass of Stromboli with bold slopes which stand out vigorously aganist a sapphire sky.
On the Eastern slopes, covered by a mantle of green, stand out, neatly and attractively, typical small white houses which, seen from above, produce the sensation of a swarm of snow-white butterflies perched on a vast emerald lawn.
Some, ranged along beaches black as ebany or near lavic rocks, offer strange contrasts of colour. Other houses are perched around the churches or hidden amongst century-old olive trees. Yet others clamber up the steep slopes of the hill; they are for the most part dilapidated and once offered shelter to the Strombolans who took refuge in them when fleeing from the nightly incursions of Saracen pirates. Around the village run long hedges of prickly pear which often indicate the boundaries of the various properties. Spread capriciously on the crags or clinging to the walls, the caper bushes make a beautiful sight with their shape of strange verdant umbrellas which, during the Summer season, are decorated by gaudy white flowers. In the Spring the thick olive trees and boundless vines, in place intersected by rows of wistaria, briars and broom, engulfed in a sea of high grass, mixed with a thousand wild flowers, offer an enchanting polychrome scene amongst inebriating effluvia. A symphonic note completes the idyllic picture: it is the lament of the cicala drunk with sun and perfume. This Eastern side of the island, clothed in luxuriant vegetation and inundated by an ocean of light, between the splendour of sea and sky, contrasts with the Northern side: smooth, harsh, dark and often the theatre of apocalyptical phenomena. In this jarring antithesis of scenery, consists the typical peculiarity of Stromboli.


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