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At the begining of the last century, the Borbonic General Nunziante created at Vulcano the industry for the extraction of sulphur and allum with an efficient complex of roads and factories.
During the second half of the century, the Scotsman Stevenson bought the entire island and continued the work of his predecessor on rational lines. A mule track penetrated into the large crateric chasm, where were also con- structed huts in brickwork for the workmen.
The last formidable explosion destroyed everything. Near to the port gushes a hot spring called Acqua di Bagno. The therapeutic power of this water is considerable. In the tourist field Vulcano has assumed a first class role. Vulcanello (124 m), emerged from the sea in 183 B.C. by an underwater eruption, forms a small peninsular and comprises three craters established on an alternation of lava pyroclastic products. In the Eastern part, due to the erosion of the marine and atmospheric agents, one can see an interesting section showing how a volcanic cone is composed: successions of outflows of lava and strata of pyroclastic materials.