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Termal Water and Termal Mud

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Termal Water and Termal Mud

The Aeolian Archipelago is a centre of attraction not only for the variety of its natural beauties, but also for its hot springs of high therapeutic value. Such post-volcanic manifestations are encountered at Vulcano, Lipari and Panarea. At Lipari only there are Spa Baths (S. Calogero) now being restored; Vulcano should deserve to be supplied with modern equipments, withouth modifying the environment.
So far the waters and mud, exploited with primeval systems,have always given excellent results. As well as for articulation affections, the waters and mud of Vulcano prove most effective for neuralgia and neurites, affections of circulation, flebitis and varicose ulcers, diseases of the female genital organs and for dermatological affections.
For Vulcano, being a matter of natural volcanic mud with a high radon content and also hot springs, the criterium of choice from the point of view of the healing activity can be considered exclusive. The hot springs of S. Calogero, famous also during the Roman Empire, as we are told by Diodoro Siculo, have been exalted at all times. Pirro, Chirone, Corti, Strazzulla, Mercalli and others have dealt with them in their writings and all have agreed in classifying them amongst the best in Italy.
They are salty-sulphate-bicarbonate-sodium-hyperthermal (60 C).
In addition these waters have been prescribed and commended by High Authorityes of Medical science such as Cardarelli, Tomaselli, Paolucci and D'Arrigo. But the best proof of their exceptional value is supplied each year by the immediate cure of invalids who before experimenting the Aeolian waters had tried in vain other hot spring installations.
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