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Inside the protected area there are groves of beech, cerris, oak, pine, chestnut, and hazel-nut. Amongst the minor species we also find southern ash, various maples, black poplar, willow, hornbeam, holly, holm oak, wild pear, common elder, hawthorn, common wild rose, cytisus, bramble, which all abound in the underwood. The beech woods are amongst the finest in Sicily for age and make-up. The Fauna of the Reserve offers a good cross-section of typical Sicilian fauna. Amongst the mammals we find European wild cat, fox wild rabbit, porcupine, hedgehog, dormouse, squint mouse, marten, weasel, and wild boar. There are numerous birds including many nesting day- and night- birds of prey: buzzard, sparrow hawk, kestrel, peregrine falcon, hobby, barn owl, little owl, tawny owl, common owl, and raven. The Reserve is also a hunting round for the royal eagle, although it has not built its nest here. There are also many reptiles, amphibians and insects. In the clear, limpid waters of the river Licopeti trout can also be found. Besides enjoying the magnificent woods of the Reserve from on high, there are the most amazing views of Mount Etna, the Valle dell'Alcantara and the highest peaks of the Peloritani mountains.
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