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Thanks to its high environmental variety, the Nebrodi Park hosts rich and complex fauna communities: many small mammals, reptiles and amphibians, numerous species of nesting and migrating birds, a huge number of invertebrate. The numerous handicrafts reflect the millenary civilisation of the farmers and Nebrodi shepherds.Tableclothes and sheets handmade embroidery, rush or reed baskets, wood or "ferla" objects for agricultural use, stone and hammered iron manufacture, the production of coloured mats and carpets ("pizzare") by ancient looms and the production of valuable pieces of pottery, prove the efficiency and fantasy of the Nebrodi people. Among the food processing, the cheese products are the most important: the sweet or spicy "canestrato", the tasty "pecorino", the perfumed "provola" and the delicate "ricotta" are still nowadays made by the shepherds expert hands. The charcuterie made from the meat of the Nebrodi black swine is very well-known; the productions of olive oil, honey, hazelnuts, pistachio nuts and bush fruits are very valuable; the tomatoes, mushrooms and egg plants preserves are very tasty; the sweets are very appreciated ("pastareale", "chiacchiere", "ramette", "crispelle", "latte fritto", "giammelle", "pasta di mandorle"). The cooking is simple and essential and you can experience ancient tastes (handmade "maccheroni", "castrato alla brace", "capretto al forno") in the typical restaurants ("barracche").