The coast

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The coast from Capo Grecale to Cala Galera is easy to land: sailing along the coast from West to East on the direction to Capo Levante, the first inlet to be found is Cala Calandra, with the majesty of its deep cave; then Cala Creta, secure cover for boats from West or South-West winds, that has not any beach but a comfortable platform where to sun-bathe; Cala Pisana, natural alternative to Lampedusa Port, now even more functional thanks to a new small landing-place; Cala Uccello, Punta Parrino and Punta Sottile just 1 m above sea level.
In the southern part there is the beach of Cala Francese, the Grottaccia, cave modelled by sea-water and shelter for boats looking for some shadow; Cala Maluk, Cala Spugne and finally the Port, until the XIX c. the main and lively wood trading point; the shores of Cala Guitgia, Cala Croce, Cala Madonna offer shelter from the North, North-East and East winds; then Cala Greca, with no beach, and Cala Galera.
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