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Trying to have back the typical arboreal and shrub vegetation as it was in the past, the Forester's Body of Lampedusa since 1966 has been reforesting the island. The first attempt included the plantation of the Acacia in order to protect the Pine of Aleppo from the winds; then they tryed to replant the bush underwood, especially Lentiscus, Asparagus, Periploca angustifolia. They also decided to introduce the Arbutus: in the past it covered the whole Valle Imbriacola and the legend says that by means of its fruits Bacchus could abduct the poor greedy man.
Anyway the attempt of reforesting the island succeded in many cases and the state of the ground, although the bad weather conditions and the lack of humus, has considerably improved. The nature of Lampedusa hides a precious secret, a unique species living only in this island: the Stapella, that is Coralluma europea.
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