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Actually among the Vertebrata the wild boar (Sue scrofa), the Bezoar goat (Capra hircus) and the Noble deer (Cervus elaphus) became extint from the island; as well as, among the wading birds, the Crane cinerea and Crane ardea that came from Algeria and used to nest in sping and prefered the woodland of the West coast, the Pelicans and the Stork; among the amphibians the Calf-seal (Phoca vitulina), a water mammal that used to live in the sea-caves and the Caretta Caretta turtle, that prefers the waters close to the coast and for the reproduction the shore called Baia dei Conigli (Rabbit Bay).
The Caretta Caretta belongs to the reptile class called Chelonidi, can reach 130 cm in length and the shell can be even 1 m tall, has a typical huge head with a round beak and very long paws, especially the front ones, thanks to which it can easily swim even in open sea. It eats molluscs, crustaceans and fishes. In summer seasons the female-turtle goes up the shore, makes deep holes in the sand (about half a meter) very far from the water, lays the eggs, knowing that she will never see her offspring again and finally, just for their safe, going back to sea, she wipes out all her tracks on the sand. When, after two months, the eggs open, the small turtles come out from the sand and go immediatly towards the sea.
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