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In the sea bottoms of Lampedusa there are numerous living beings; also the waters near the port have a wide variety of fishes. Divers and lovers of underwater pictures or films will be happy to meet big Sargus (Diplodus sargus) or some groupers (Sarranus gigas) in the waters of the Southern coast.
In the open sea on the side of Baia dei Conigli there are many big rocks, ideal for groupers and sea-crows (Sciaena umbra). On the sandy bottoms in the direction to Capo Ponente it is easy to meet big skate (Dasyatis centroura) staying still or flying. The other face of Lampedusa starts just here, in Capo Ponente: from here the bottoms are variuos, with a ridge of rocks not far from the shore and from sand-banks loved by groupers.
For example, the sand-bank sited to the North of Capo Ponente: from 30 to 65/70 m moving for 1 km towards the open sea, you can find the groupers, but also the sea-crows, lobsters (Palinurus vulgaris) and morrays (Muraena helena).
Here you will be welcomed with typical hospitality and friendliness to a large selection of accommodation facilities.