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From here to Punta Parise the sounding is not very deep but in summer divers can be so lucky as to meet an isolated grouper looking for food. The Sacramento rock, one of the most wild areas of the island and starter point of a line (going as far as Punta Muro Vecchio) were groups of sea-urchins (Seriala dumerili) can be easily seen migrating, presents a real step, formed by a piece of sand-bank about 15 m deep followed immediately by the abyss.
The area around Punta Sottile is an elegant sand-bank surrounded by bottoms 15/30 m deep; further, at about 1.5 km from the shore, the bottoms rise up again and present sharp rocks. The Dentexes (Dentex dentex) and the sea-urchin live together here with groupers, sea-crows and many other species of fish.
From Punta Sottile as far as Cala Maluk the bottoms are rich in white fish. In this suggestive area there are many kinds of fish according to the different times of the year, such as tuna-fishes (Thunnus thynnus) in September, sperm-whales (Physeter macrocephalus) in March. It is also very easy to meet the Parrot-fish, typical of coral-reefs in tropical seas. Not to be missed, talking about Lampedusa, is the famous Secca di Levante (Eastern Sand-bank), about 9 miles East to Punta Sottile.
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