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As evidence of the History of Lampedusa there is a remarkable amount of archaelogical remains. Probably the island was an inhabited area already in prehistoric ages, although it must have been left deserted for long periods of time: in Cala Pisana there are remains of a neo-lithic hut.
Later, signs of phoenician, greek, roman and arabic settlemnts seem to confirm the fact that the geographical position of Lampedusa attracted many civilizations. The excavation campaign open with the supervision of the town of Agrigento brought to light remains of a settlement of late-Roman and first-Byzantine period, sited inside the city. There is a building with square-shaped rooms with dry walls, set in the directions North-West / South-East, another one has even seven rooms. Still in this sector numerous pieces of pottery have been found, such as amphorae, bowls and plates made in Africa in the VI c. A.D., and, in the previous sector, about one hundred bronze coins dating back to the second half of IV and the V c A.D.
Sub-circular or oval buildings have been found in the areas of Capo Grecale, Cala Creta, Cala Uccello, Punta Muro Vecchio, Punta Cappellone.
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