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The stone Circles have a diameter varying from 6 to 15 m and most of them are sited on the slope or up the hills, outside the agricultural lands protected by fences. Their real use is still uncertain because inside neither pottery, nor rests of bones or fire-places have been found. Presumably they were used as stores for food or straw or as shelters but the lack of entrances doubts this theory. Some think they were small fenced gardens, others a particular monument with astronomical meaning.
Particularly interesting are also other structures: one used for gathering and decantation of liquids, formed by two basins placed one over the other, found in Poggio Monaco; another of prehistoric times formed by two holes digged in calcareous rocks and joint by a small channel in Valle Imbriacola.
Among the agricultural or shepherd's buildings there is an important architecture, the so-called Dammuso. Built with calcareous stones, it has a shape of a square or a rectangle, is no higher than 3 m, has vaulted roof used to convey the water and is very similar to other ancient buildings found in Africa and in Sicily. A dammuso still well preserved is the one called Casa Teresa formed by 6 rooms placed to the South and a tank that gathers the rain-water coming from the roof and passing through small channels.
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