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The first document where the name of the island is mentioned is the letter that Pope Leon III sent to Charles the Great to inform him about a battle held in Lampedusa between Byzantines and Saracens. This document will give the idea to Ariosto to set in Lampedusa the battle made by Orland against the Saracens. So in the island there is still the road called Contrada Cavallo Bianco and the mark left by the dead body of the horse.
Lampedusa unfortunately is mentioned also July 14, 1551, when the genoan Admiral Andrea Doria, during a storm, lost most part of his fleet and 1000 men died. That was the times when the island was a refuge for the pirates that found here food and wood to repair their ships, and the christian Andrea Anfossi, born in Liguria, captured by them and deported to the island, escaped and hid into the brush-wood; he then built a canoa and a sail where he painted the image of Madonna with the Child and sailed towards Genoa, where he arrived safe and sound.
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