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As evidence of this fact there is the Sanctuary Nostra Signora di Lampedusa ("Our Lady of Lampedusa") also in Liguria.
The island was a possession of many families and then became fief of the noble family Tomasi: to this family belonged the famous writer Giuseppe Tomasi author of "Il Gattopardo", a fine description of Italian society of that times. The new feudal nobles gave the island in emphyteusis to Malta but when they decided to sell their property to England, Ferdinand II Borbon paid a ransom and established there a colony. The Knight Bernardo Sanvisente, who was sent there to rule it, arrived on September 22, 1843. Thanks to his extraordinary capacity as organizer and ruler, the island quickly developped.
In 1872 the new Kingdom of Italy decided to establish there a penal settlement; six years later the Council of Lampedusa and Linosa was created, but the penal settlement remained in the island until the II World War. We can still visit numerous block-houses, deposits and military barracks dating back to that period. In 1951 the first power station and in 1963 the telephone system were set in the island, but only since 1982, when the airport was built, the distance and the isolation that have always been characteristics of Lampedusa, have been reduced.
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