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Defined ever since antiquity as "a stone tossed into the Ionian Sea", which dropped out of the hands of a Cyclope, Lampione, known in old times as Fanale or Scoglio degli Scolari, is actually an islet with steep cliffs over the sea, calcareous like Lampedusa, to which it was perhaps connected thousands of years ago. Lampione is distant from the Mediterranean routes, and difficult to get to, and has always been uninhabited. It is a small island 700 m long, 180 m large, with a maximum height of 40 m. It lies 17 km North-West from Lampedusa.
It is completely deserted, there is just a lighthouse that can be reached through a tiny path.
It is a precious area which is ecologically intact. That is to say, here the flora and fauna are in perfect and harmonic balance, so much so that a total nature reserve has been set up there to protect an ecosystem in which the natural environment must be totally protected. Hence the only activity allowed on Lampione is study and scientific research.
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