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Halting and supply places for Phoenician, Greek, Roman and Arab boats, frequently raided by pirates, ignored by the princes of Lampedusa who were its owners, and lastly colonised by the Bourbons, the Isole Pelagie are now a popular mecca for tourists, on account of the splendid beaches and rich sea beds. These exceptionally beautiful islands in the Sicilian Channel have gone through long periods of being unpopulated and are among the least frequented in the Mediterranean.
Islands per excellence, places of balance and harmony, the Pelagie constitute true nature sanctuaries, and not only because of the subtropical marine life in the very pure waters that bathe them and the remarkable variety of enchanting landscapes that they offer. Though better known for the splendour of their coasts and for those clear waters seething with life, the three islands are also of major value for their precious "terrestrial" environment, which comprises important animal and plant communities and is full of great charm. On account of all this, on Lampedusa, Lampione and Linosa three big regional nature reserves have been set up with the intention of safeguarding the most characteristic expressions of the flora, the vegetation and the fauna.
Diverse as to their geological appearance with white calcareous Lampedusa and black volcanic Linosa, they share a pleasantly dry climate yelding an uninterrupted summer: winter is indeed the best season, when cultures and vegetation take a bright green shades. Lampedusa and Linosa boast a rich cultivation of figs, Indian figs, lentils, and carobs. Conspicuous and various are the fishing resources as per shrimp, squid, lobster, sardines, anchovies, and mackerel deliciously cooked according to typical seafood recipes. Lampedusa and Linosa remain impressed in the memory for the beauty of the sea surrounding them, an incredible submerged world full of aquatic plants and fish of all sorts. Numerous and fascinating are the bays all along the islands' perimeters, often accessible by boat only.
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