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Terme (the spas) - The sulphurous waters were already made use of in ancient times at the Xifonie Terme. Signs of its Greek origins are clearly visible at the spa centre of Santa Venera al Pozzo. The Terme spas were subsequently adopted and refurbished by the Romans. References to this era can be found in the works "De Aetna" by Cornelio Saverio and in "Il Giardino di Esculapio" by Filippo da Tessalonica. The new spa centres at S. Caterina are situated within a large area of evergreen citrus fruit groves between Etna and the Ionian Sea. The spa waters of Acireale are used, through mud applications, baths and inhalations, for treating rheumatic, osteo-articular, ear, nose and throat and respiratory complaints.

Teatro dei Pupi (The Puppet Theatre) - The first mention of such a theatre was in 1870 when Giovanni Grasso, son of Angelo, the great puppeteer from Catania, came to Acireale to make himself known. But the person to leave the deepest impression on the tradition of the Pupi di Acireale puppets, modifying the techniques of movement and also to the stage, was don Mariano Pennisi (1867 - 1934) known as "Nasca", who, to start with, created a permanent theatre in via Tono and then in via Alessi, where it can still be found today. This great puppeteer transmitted his passion for the Pupi to his adopted son Emanuele Macr. Very active on the stage and a genius when it came to improvisation, Macr managed to transform every show into a picturesque event, worthy of every spectators greatest admiration.