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Acireale is the largest of the towns situated on the eastern slopes of Etna. The original centre is represented by the existing Piazza del Duomo, baroque in style, which was completed in the first half of the 17th.century. It was the new settlements of the various religious orders (Dominicans, Cappucins and Carmelites) to create the new centres of urban development. Following the earthquake of 1693, the city was reconstructed under the direction of the Duke of Camastra and the painter, Vasta. At the southern end of the city can be found the baths of S.Venera which can trace their origins back to the baths of Xiphonie, which were probably of Greek origin and whose potential was realised by the Romans.
Among the most interesting and noteworthy monuments are the cathedral, dedicated to the Annunciation and Saint Venera, built between the years 1597 and 1618 and later reconstructed in the 1700's; the 17th. century church dedicated to the Saints Peter and Paul; the Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall) in baroque style; the church of Saint Sebastian characterised by a magnificent baroque faade and the Zelantea Library and Picture Gallery, constructed in 1671 and one of the most well endowed in Sicily.

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