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Sant'Alfio is the ideal destination for those who love both the countryside and the seaside. In the past, the town made its name thanks to its wine-making activity which, still today, is an important source of income. Today, Sant'Alfio is a place of passage for those visiting the eastern side of Etna, but is also of interest for the presence of the wonderful Castagno dei Cento Cavalli (Chestnut of the One hundred horses).
This imposing tree owes its name to the legend of Queen Giovanna who, while out hunting on Etna, following a storm, took shelter beneath the chestnut tree together with her maids in waiting and a hundred or so horses. Other things to see at Sant'Alfio: the Chiesa Madre (Mother Church) in honour of the three brothers and martyrs Sant'Alfio, San Filadelfio and San Cirino (the town taking its name from the eldest), the eighteenth century Chiesa del Calvario (Church of the Calvary) characterised by the writing on its central faade "Quod est Calvari locus" which means "This is the place of the Calvary" and the small Chiesa Mazzei (Mazzei Church).

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